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CEA's Mission

The Centre for Educational Assessments (CEA) is a department in the Centre for Higher Educational Development (CHED) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). CEA is the largest post-school educational testing centre in South Africa and uses the most up-to-date test processes, practices, and measurement theories. CEA has developed numerous assessment instruments and engages continuously with the post-school sector to understand their needs and develop further tests.



We are a centre of opportunity for a diverse learner population, offering leading-edge testing technology, innovative ideas, and dynamic service to our students, communities, and post-school institutions.



To be the nationally preferred provider of meaningful research and assessments that contributes to access and success in post-school education and training.




  • Develop tests in Academic Literacy, Quantitative Literacy, Scientific Reasoning and Mathematics that are valid predictors of performance in educational contexts – especially for students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. These tests are developed nationally by disciplinary experts and tap competencies that are required by these educational contexts.
  • Do research into the reliability and validity of these tests; explore different methodologies investigating this capacity; investigate the factors that predict student success; build extensive databases on student throughput; and to subject the tests to scrutiny (reliability; validity; bias; coherence and internal consistency).
  • Provide excellent client services; to organize, arrange, develop, and create tests and testing infrastructure (national and international); to provide resulting and reporting information in the areas of access, placement, diagnosis, and prediction; and to be efficient, professional, and reliable and offer quick turnarounds.