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Academic Literacy Test of Academic Potential (ALTAP)

The Academic Literacy Test of Academic Potential (ALTAP) is a test of a student's potential to read and write in English for academic purposes. The test consists of three sections that require the student to read texts and to respond to a variety of verbal information (such as contained in reading comprehension texts) and quantitative information (such as contained in graphs and tables).

Questions in the test are carefully sequenced to enable the student to learn to respond to new tasks or to re-learn how to respond to academic tasks that you may have forgotten. The test is based on what should have been encountered in school learning, such as in subjects such as English and Mathematics Literacy.

One cannot and need not prepare for the test – all the information that required to respond to the test tasks is contained in the test itself. Typical tasks in the test require the student to:

  • work out the overall meaning of a text or a paragraph;
  • interpret visual and tabular information;
  • reason logically;
  • understand the meanings of words and phrases;
  • and work out the links between one section of a text and another.