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Advanced Academic and Quantitative Literacy Test (AQL+)

(3 hours and 40 minutes) consists of seven sections (four sections of 25 minutes each assessing AL through multiple choice questions; one section of 60 minutes assessing AL using the production of an essay that is scaffolded and two sections of 30 minutes each assessing QL through multiple choice questions) which aims to assess a candidates’ ability to:

• read carefully and make meaning from texts that are typical of the kinds that they will encounter in their studies;

• understand vocabulary, including vocabulary related to academic study, in their contexts;

• identify and track points and claims being made in texts;

• understand and evaluate the evidence that is used to support claims made by writers of texts;

• extrapolate and draw inferences and conclusions from what is stated or given in text;

• identify main from supporting ideas in the overall and specific organisation of a text;

• identify and understand the different types and purposes of communication in texts;

• be aware of and identify text differences that relate to writers’ different purposes, audiences, and kinds of communication;

• write an essay which has been scaffolded;

• understand and use a range of quantitative terms and phrases;

• competently interpret quantitative information.

• apply quantitative procedures in various situations and accurately do simple calculations and estimations which may involve multiple steps

• formulate and apply simple formulae;

• read and interpret tables, graphs, charts, diagrams and text and integrate information from different sources;

• identify trends and patterns in various situations;

• reason logically;

• interpret two–dimensional representations of three-dimensional structures